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The Ozark Highlands Trail is one of the premier, long-distance hiking trails in the United States. Located in the middle-South, it is well-known as a trail providing winter hiking when many other trails are impassable. Fall through Spring are the peak seasons for this trail. Featured in National Geographic Magazine, The Guardian, and Backpacker Magazine, the Ozark Highlands Trail offers over 200 miles of hiking and backpacking.

The Ozark Highlands Trail Association was founded in 1980 by Tim Ernst. The OHTA's mission is to build, maintain and enjoy the Ozark Highlands Trail. To date, over 200 miles of trail has been built. Eventually, the Ozark Highlands Trail will connect with the Ozark Trail in Missouri and extend over 700 miles from Lake Fort Smith State Park in Arkansas to St. Louis, Missouri.

Get your gear here! We've got the fantastic new maps of the trail, water bottles, hats, patches and other gear. Your purchase helps support the mission of the OHTA, keeping the trail maintained, and shows others your impeccable taste in outdoor recreation.

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Looking for a day hike or backpacking trip to participate in? Want to help out at the next maintenance outing? This is where you go for that. Our events calendar will show upcoming hikes and other events that the public is welcome to join. We hope to see you out on the trail.


Information for our maintainers. You can find copies of maintenance guidelines and file your maintenance reports. If you want to see who maintains which section of trail or you're looking for a section to adopt yourself, click on the photo.