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What is Mediation?

Mediation is an alternative to litigation. It is a specialized process where the mediator assists the parties to a dispute reach an agreement they are able to live with. The mediator controls the process; but the parties have control over the content of the agreement. The mediator does not decide any of what goes into the agreement.

Why Mediate?

To maintain control: plain and simple. In a mediation, the parties decide how to settle the dispute; not a judge or jury. Mediation can be very effective in divorce and custody cases, where imposing a standard order may not be best for everyone. It can also cost less than traditional litigation. More and more court cases are being sent to mediation before you can get a trial; so why not just try it from the start? It isn't 100% successful, but we reach an agreement more often than not. If we mediate your dispute, we are not either party's attorney and we do not and will not provide legal advice.

Certified Mediator

Mr. Parker is a mediator certified by the Arkansas Alternative Dispute Resolution Commission in civil, probate and family law cases in Arkansas. Always use a certified mediator to ensure the person mediating your dispute has the training and continuing education to do an effective job.