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Often, when a couple divorces, one or both parties are angry, bitter and want to exact revenge on the other. You should both hire lawyers. But sometimes, the parties are just looking to get out of an unhappy situation with as little grief and cost as possible. That's where a mediated divorce comes in. In a mediated divorce, neither party hires an attorney; rather they both hire a mediator to help them work through the details. This process is less confrontational and can often happen quicker and cheaper than a traditional divorce.

The mediator does not and cannot take sides or give "legal advice." If the divorce becomes contested in any way, both parties will have to hire their own attorneys and the mediator will have to step out and cannot participate any further.

In addition to being an experience family law attorney, Mr. Parker is a certified mediator in domestic relation matters. If you want to see if a mediated divorce is right for you, feel free to contact us.