Exceptional Service for Ordinary Folk

The Ozark Highlands Trail is maintained exclusively by volunteers like yourself. OHTA members may adopt a section of trail similar to litter adopt-a-highway programs. We ask our maintainers to work their section at least twice every year. Maintenance generally involves walking your section, picking up trash, removing smaller obstacles like rocks and fallen limbs, lopping back branches growing into the trail corridor, trimming back vegetation growing into the trail, and cutting out smaller trees or branches with a hand saw. Large trees or issues beyond the ability of the adopter to handle are reported to the Maintenance Coordinator, who will dispatch a certified sawyer or trail crew to address the problem. Adopters are required to submit a maintenance report, so that we know that section of trail has been worked and to provide volunteer information to our government partners: the U.S. Forest Service and the National Park Service.

If you are interested in adopting a section of trail and want to see what is available, click here to open a Google Map showing available trail sections.

Want more information on the adoption program and what is expected? Click here to download our Adopter's Handbook

Want to watch a dated, USFS video on routine trail maintenance? Click here to be taken to YouTube

Need to see the Job Hazard Analysis for trail maintenance work? Click here to download the JHA.

Want more information on sawyers and becoming a certified sawyer? Click here

Need to file your Maintenance Report?

Download a paper maintenance report to mail in.

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